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People who make a difference in the world have not mastered a lot of things but mastered few things that are very great.  Imagine putting your focus, energy, efforts in a few things and striving to be the best at those things.  Imagine the impact we’d make!  I was fortunate enough to be invited to a “backyard boogie” in Santa Rosa Beach, FL last night by Brad where the host family was obviously passionate and mastered a few things about creating a welcoming environment in their backyard while entertaining guest through music being played on a stage constructed by the home owners that was surrounded by beautiful landscape.  Not surprising that the host are great musicians and their passion for music and fellowship was represented very well in their back yard.  The moment you walked in the back yard you felt the welcoming environment and could tell good times have taken place here and good times were ahead.  Because of their passion to have a great back yard it impacted 40-50 people who were attending last night which creates a snowball where others pass on that joy and love (hopefully) which impacts others.  If we want our life to count we don’t have to be smart, don’t have to have good looks, don’t have to come from a good school.  Just have to know a few basic, simple, glorious, majestic, obvious things and be gripped by them and willing to lay your life down for them.  I’m sure last nights host would of been good at whatever they went to school for or whatever their parents/teachers told them they should do when “they grow up” but if they would have never pursued their passion and joy of entertaining others through their music while blocking out what other critics thought of their passion they would have missed out on a lot of the opportunities that I’m sure they have witnessed together through this journey.

Whether it’s being the best mom we can be by spending time reading, playing and educating your kids or a single business man who allocates time to building his business that can impact other lives through creating jobs, team building, life lessons and giving.  Anyone can make a difference!  I believe I am guilty at times, as well as many others as not wanting our life to make a difference but instead finish school, get a good job, find a husband/wife, nice house, nice car, long weekends, good vacations, grow old, fund retirement, die easy and no hell.  All those things are great to pursue and have and obviously it doesn’t mean you’re bad if you have these things but let’s not lose focus on something we are passionate about and want to pursue since we have one stab at making a difference in life.  And who knows all those things might be accomplished and much more if we wake up everyday passionate about making a difference in our job or our day.  We get caught of not giving a rip if we make a difference in our lives and others.  Find something you are passionate about and go after it!

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The sound of fireworks and Lee Greenwood. I love this land!

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