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We can’t see or feel the oxygen we breathe in but we know it is a must for survival.  Our faith is in the oxygen, that it will continue to exist so we can continue to breathe.  Even though it’s taken for granted and there’s a lack of appreciation for the oxygen, the oxygen still shows up for our support, every time.

Faith in our Savior is very similar which is also something we aren’t able to see or feel.  And at times I act like he is not around and taken for granted which I’m convicted of.  But when our relationship with him is growing and efforts are put into spending time with him while sacrificing our time instead of wasting our time, we will begin to feel JOY and blessings that take part in our life that will forever exist.  In result we will enjoy and look forward to our time spent with HIM each day since that is what gets us through our day mentally, spiritually and physically; regardless that it can’t be seen or felt.

Take a quick moment to marinate on this question.  Who or what fuels you to strive to be better?

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