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Early voting is here and in a couple of weeks we will select our local, state and federal leaders.  As election season turns up you ponder some factors that come into play that lead to your decision on who will win your vote.  We have all noticed the increased political traffic on social networks, internet, TV, magazines, that promotes the candidates agenda.  Some major factors are the current financial deficit our country has; or regardless if you are rich or poor you deserve to pay the same tax rate, where the opposition believes the rich can afford to pay more in taxes to bring in revenue to pay down our national debt.  We also notice the comments between Facebook friends that voice their passionate difference of opinions in those factors just listed and other factors, which is great.  And this is where I begin scratching my head.  A few thoughts/questions cross my mind when I come across dialog where two passionate people begin to attempt to influence the other on what will lower our debt, bring in more revenue, or what program we should cut to avoid additional cost.  Question 1:  Does he/she meet with their spouse, father/mother or an accountability partner to discuss their own financial plan each month?  (Whether you are single or married with children or anything inbetween, you should have an accountability partner)  Question 2:  Are people meeting with their partner to discuss short-term and long-term plans that require savings for a certain project and or dream?

What can we do as a community to build up the same passion that we have for voicing our political differences during the political debates and instead channel that same passion into being in one accord with your partner through a financial plan that you can achieve through compromising. (This avoids any surprises when wifey comes back home with shoeboxes or when hubby comes home with a new four-wheeler)  By meeting once a month for an hour, it opens up dialog that sometimes doesn’t go as smooth as we would like but at the end you will have compromised and agreed to a plan that will get you closer to the dreams and goals you and your partner have.  Goals without plans are just dreams.  This also makes everything financial also transparent.  Both you and your partner know where the money is allocated.  If any purchases need to be made that are outside of the compromised plan then you regroup and find where you need to take the money from to make the purchase that both of you agree that needs to be made.

I believe it’s extremely beneficial for your partner to have just as much input as you on your family financial goals and dreams.  Construct a monthly budget that takes compromising to obtain those goals and now enjoy the journey to achieving those goals!  So next time we begin to voice our difference of opinions to another on facebook (or anywhere) regarding our national debt and goals for this country, instead tell your partner how passionate you are to being on the same page to achieving the family financial goals.

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