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Very rarely do you hear the word sacrifice and think of it as a word of encouragement.  Like when you turned down the piece of pie yesterday because of your diet, you made a sacrifice.  When you go run in the morning before work you are sacrificing your extra 45 minutes of sleep so you can get your day started with a jog.  And to turn down going out to eat because you have already used your money for the week.  You make another sacrifice.  When going into the sacrifice, whatever it may be, we don’t jump up and down doing spirit fingers.  We just know we have a resolve or we have a reason to stay focused on the course to achieve the milestone.

Today I want to challenge us to make a sacrifice when we come across a man or a woman who served or is serving this blessed United States.  Are there other blessed countries.  Absolutely.  But today we reflect on my home.  America.  As we enjoy spending precious time with our friends and family today, find at least one who has served us and sacrificed missing their kids for months for us or some that didn’t make it back.  And bless, pay-it-forward or some type of an act of kindness, for that serviceman or servicewomen you come across.  It may even be their spouse or another family member.  Sacrifice at the highest level you can do.  Make a huge sacrifice in your day today.  Whether it’s your time for mowing their yard or your money you use to pay their June – December rent.  It is much less of a sacrifice but an act that they will always remember and appreciate.

Get your sacrifice together and go rock someone’s world.  To all those reading this that have served.  These words in this email can’t begin to show you and your family the appreciation you deserve.  Thank you for all you do.

How are you and your family going to make this Memorial Day happy?  Enjoy making someone else’s life really happy today too.

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Thanks to reality TV and social media,  we are growing up in a culture that pumps out discontentment by giving us a steady stream of what everyone else has, what kind of vacations they take, how nice their houses are, what kind of cars they drive, etc.  It’s a continuous comparison game, and it feeds discontentment through your “news feed.”  Of course not every thought you have while watching TV or unconsciously strolling through her wedding photos on Facebook bleeds discontentment.  But it has at some point?  

I’m just saying be cautious.  I have found myself navigating through pinterest in hopes to get ideas on things, only to later on feel like a 5 year old at toys r us that wanted the newest toy.

Guard your heart.  Enjoy the thankfulness in your life while celebrating the blessings of others and develop goals to achieve similar blessings.

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Stewardship didn’t come from Christians.

Stewardship is really not a Christian word, but an Old English word.  The word is describing a person who didn’t own anything,  but managed the affairs of the lord of the realm.  This manager’s title was “steward.”  He had a nice house, beautiful clothes, and fine food, but it wasn’t really his.  He enjoyed all of the benefits of the lord’s wealth, but he felt no sense of ownership over it.  Similar to those medieval stewards, when we realize we are simply managing someone else’s money, it changes our focus.

Regardless of your faith or if you believe in any God, we are fortunate to have the health and knowledge to create an income.  Just as we are fortunate and blessed to have what we have, steward your income to be able to pass on blessings. (Or the “pay it forward” concept)  Regardless of how you choose to label your giving, enjoy giving and watch how much more you enjoy life.  By giving, you are creating margin in your life.  Similar to gleaning.   

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