7 OUT OF 10


Unfortunately 7 out of 10 live paycheck to paycheck.

When we think about this case, primarily we think about how this household needs to save to build wealth.  And yes that’s an important characteristic.

But the characteristic that is not being worked out that is most alarming is the characteristic of self-control.

Self-control will always demand our attention.  In all areas of our lives.

But in our household finances or business finances if we lack self-control we are jeopardizing our self as well as our family and/or our businesses.

And for the business owners, the more self-control you have with your household finances you will gain margin in your household.  Which gives you the freedom to lower your overhead rate on your corporate budget in hopes to win more work.

When living paycheck to paycheck it’s not only the wealth you’re missing out on.  Your missing out on strengthening the characteristics to better steward the income we are blessed to have in hopes to use that wealth for a mission God has for your household.

For those of you that don’t live paycheck to paycheck, thank you.  Thank you for making the needed sacrifices.  Thank you for stewarding your time and treasures.

Continue to behave well with your income.

So you can give more, save more, live more.

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