There’s so many ways to speculate the need for PayPal to spin off from eBay.

Was the spin off influenced by the recent IPO of Alibaba that measured Alibaba’s market value at $231 Billion? (Yes, with a B)

Was the spin off influenced in hopes to sale one of the two entities in the future?

But as much attention that Carl Icahn brought to the story by wanting the company to separate, imagine if that was the attention you received by splitting up with your household or business budget?

Since you (you and your spouse if you’re married) are the CEO of your household, would you fire you if you were/are a business owner and your CFO handled the corporate budget the way you handle the household finances?

When was the last time you and your partner discussed the month ahead?

Discussed what you wanted to allocate funds for this month, quarter, year, etc?

It’s a new month (Love October!) and no better time then now to sit down with your partner and compromise a plan.

If you need a super-duper awesomeness spreadsheet (aka Financial Snapshot) that I have, just let me know.

Regardless of your net worth I encourage you to live intentional.  Strengthen those characteristics that will be passed on to your kids or grand kids.

Steward the resources you’ve been blessed with.  If you can’t be faithful with the small stuff why would you be trusted with greater stuff?

It’s not just about building wealth.  It’s also about applying the resources you’ve been blessed with to what you feel lead or called to do.

If you’re not striving to fulfill a vision or a goal then what is it that you are living for?

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