On September 14, 1990, something happened that has never happened before or since.  Late in his career, Ken Griffey, Sr., who had been a key member of the World Series champion Cincinnati Reds years before, was signed by the Seattle Mariners.  His son Ken Griffey, Jr. was just starting his major league career.  In the first inning of a game against the Angels, Griffey, Sr. hit a home run to left center field.  His son followed him to the plate and hit another home run to almost exactly the same spot.  It was the only time a father and son had hit back-to-back home runs in baseball history.  Ken Griffey, Jr said later that his father greeted him at the plate by saying, “That’s how you do it, son.”

We all want to see our next generation hit a home run.  Before a home run is hit we also coach and parent when our son or daughter strike out.

Set the example you want the next generation to fallow.  When it is later on in our career (life), set up the next generation to hit home runs.  And when you meet him/or her at the plate, be sure to tell them, “that’s how you do it.”

It’s up to us on what example we set.




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