Things or behaviors that are good seem to taste bad or hard to practice initially?

And we should be thankful for that.  More people would run that extra mile if that extra mile was so easy.  More people would be patient and save for a car purchase if patience was easy.  More people would communicate with their partner or spouse about short-term and long-term goals if it were easy.

We have it easy when comparing it to Apostle Paul.  That dude was beaten with stones multiple times and constantly defending himself while continuing to do what he was here on this earth to do.  Spread His word.

I know and respect all of our struggles and busy schedules.  Continue to fight for time that will help your household behave with your income so that you can benefit.  And HIs Kingdom will benefit.  And the people who you encourage to behave with money will benefit.

“Leaders, over time, learn to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations.” – somebody

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