Thanks to reality TV and social media,  we are growing up in a culture that pumps out discontentment by giving us a steady stream of what everyone else has, what kind of vacations they take, how nice their houses are, what kind of cars they drive, etc.  It’s a continuous comparison game, and it feeds discontentment through your “news feed.”  Of course not every thought you have while watching TV or unconsciously strolling through her wedding photos on Facebook bleeds discontentment.  But it has at some point?  

I’m just saying be cautious.  I have found myself navigating through pinterest in hopes to get ideas on things, only to later on feel like a 5 year old at toys r us that wanted the newest toy.

Guard your heart.  Enjoy the thankfulness in your life while celebrating the blessings of others and develop goals to achieve similar blessings.

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