Well if you’re like most human beings that are dreading work and hope we don’t get bothered to much by those, un-educated co-workers that never understand.  On our way to work each morning we tell our friends how miserable work weeks are and you can’t wait until Friday.  I understand most are motivated to go to work so they can put a roof over the family’s head but that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable each morning.  And as soon as we get to work we hope this day flies by.  We hope to get the report done by lunch just to get it submitted and then dream a little more on how good life would be if you had won the lottery last Saturday.  Or if you’re pouring drinks for a living to provide for your family or pay for college but you will explode next time you have to put up with one more “bar situation?”   If characteristics similar to these are happening regularly then it is time we transition out of the job we like and fall in love with our “dream job!”  But before you just quit next time your boss frustrates you, you need to think and pray about your dream and think out your expenses.  This could take at least a couple of years.  In my recent blog, “START FROM THE BEGINNING,” I mentioned to trade down in-car so we can get out of debt faster and not be “slave to the lender.”  PROV. 22:7.  By getting out of debt it relieves us from a lot of expenses and allows us to save/prepare for the job we love.  Not only will it take some time to save/prepare for the job we love while getting out of debt but it will also take some time for us to consistently have the mindset to put in your best efforts at the job you like so that you can prepare your heart and work habits for the job you LOVE.

As a man of faith in Jesus, I believe it’s mandatory we spend time with our Savior so we can listen to what He wants us to do with our lives.  If it happends we have different opinions of our Savior, that’s fine but you must sincerely enjoy sharing your dreams with your spouse, mentor or a loved one.  Which will lead to constant communication.  And no team executes well unless there’s good communication.  So currently, My wife and I continue to save and prepare but also more important we ask God to help us find what we LOVE to do, that will also be a platform to glorify Him.  We look forward to see where He takes us but also looking forward to the journey Shannon and I take, with Him.  Much Love.

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