Since writing about my “day job” I have been on a transition that is allowing me to get closer to my “dream job.”

Thank you. Hopefully you are encouraged to Give. Save. and Live. All while being intentional with the income you work so hard for. Looking forward to starting this new chapter titled “Financial Storehouse” in my book on life and thanks for getting on board for the ride.

I want to thank some special people who have helped push me to discover my “dream job.”

Drinking lots of green tea and editing with Sarah Schmidt. The brains behind constructing the web page Paul Schmidt.   Brad Benton, Mark Simpson, Stan Akins, Coach Lavin and Travis Smith who brokered the relationship with my wife.  The man who pushed me through his books Quitter and Start, Jon Acuff.  Peyton (my dog).  The Lindsay’s and the Schmidt’s, especially my father who paved a way for me to have an opportunity to work under him for almost 6 years now and also my momma who’s taught me so much.  My brother Kevin who inspires me more than he’ll ever know.  And my sister Abbey who has been my cheerleader since she was two (love ya sis!)  Bryce Jeter, Nick Pleat, Nathaniel Henderson, Ross LeBlanc, TJ McCullough, Wade Morris, Luke Smith, Jb Roberts, Ray Bozeman, Ron Plourde, Dawn Krempa and The Fowler’s.  Dave Ramsey, who showed me how to steward and Jonathan Sansom who continues to mentor me.   My wife Shannon that was sent from God to save me, my son Neyland who motivates me each morning as well as my future kids.  Lastly, the reason why I’m on this journey, Jesus.

Hang on tight and enjoy the ride.


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  1. Paul says:

    Yeah dude! So excited for you as this new season has begun in your life. Give, save, and live!

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