Giving part 1: Without money

I mentioned recently my wife Shannon and I closed on a house.  But I want to share some of the blessings that were given from others.  And what is awesome is that none of these gifts that I’m sharing were gifts of money.

When Shannon was pregnant with Neyland and the year lease was coming to a close at the two bedroom apartment, we (that includes the yellow lab) began thinking about finding a place to rent that had a yard and more room.  And then here comes Bryce and Franny Jeter.  They offered us to rent their four bedroom rental property for the same amount we were paying for the two bedroom apartment!  They very easily could have rented it out to another customer for more.  This was huge.  At this time Shannon and I were saving up in our Storehouse fund (3 months of expenses saved) as well as saving up for a down payment.  This gift from them allowed Shannon and I to continue to have margin to save for the rainstorms and to save for the purchase of a home.  We couldn’t of done this without their gift.

After living in the house for almost two years we were ready to buy a home.  Long story short Bryce and Franny sale Shannon and I the house.   For a great price.  Just like the rental price, they could have gotten more by selling it to another interested buyer.  I can’t speak for Bryce and Franny but I believe they enjoy giving and blessing others.

After the house closed we replaced the roof.  And a friend blessed us by saying, “You buy the products and bring workers, I’ll put on a roof for you.”  And next thing you know it over 5 days (it rained off and on) we had family and friends dropping by to give their time to help work on the roof.  A good friend Marcus Elliott has such a giving heart he was there from start to finish.  I understand not everyone could do that but while he is inbetween seasons during his professional basketball carrer he decided to workout on the roof.  Without expecing a dime for compensation.  And during the week my buddy Nathaniel that’s a skilled electrician said, “After work I can hook up the power to get your irrigation pump turned on.”  Wow!  Folks just looking for an opportunity to give their time and talents!  When others plant seeds and enjoy doing it, it not only benefits the person receiving the gift or blessing but it impacts the giver.  When we enjoy giving we have a community and a village of folks that want to serve others.

I could go on and on about the dozen different folks who dropped by.  They all shared this.  Their attitude was in a place of wanting to give and expecting nothing in return.  I challenge you to give to someone today.  And it doesn’t have to be money.  Just give.  Somehow some way.

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