Giving part 2: With money

Sure some are suffocating when it comes to not having financial margin.  Almost as suffocating as when your big brother or sister use to dunk us in the pool over and over and over.  And hoping we can get free so we can breathe again!

If we are being suffocated by stuff we have to make changes.  With the similar intensity as if we were struggling to take the next breath above water!  But if you have created your boundaries and are blessed with an income and you have eliminated your non-mortgage debts (Step 2) and you have 3 months of expenses saved in cash (Step 3) and on top of that you are putting money away for retirement and kids or grandkids college (Step 4 & 5); then you get it!  You get what it feels like to continuously grow financial and relational margin in your life as well as your family or business.  Those characteristics are passed down generationally.  The characteristics of not only gaining margin but doing such a radical thing like committing to never going back into debt again!

Mix building financial and relational margin with giving (money) and you get a return on your investment that no mutual fund, TSP, 401k or any single stock can ever give you.  Not just giving to anyone or any business but a business, mission or individual that is on a mission you believe in.  Incorporate in your prayer and thoughts a mission or missions you can give (money) to.  Whether it’s $5 or $500,000, watch how you receive fulfillment by making an impact on a mission or person.  And watch what happens to your mission.  Don’t give expecting great things to come right away.  But give because great things have happend to you already.  Sure you can give in other areas besides money (We talked about that in Part 1) but enjoy allocating a % of your money for giving.

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