As long as we made it through elementary math we know that it doesn’t make mathematical sense to tithe.  If you have made an effort to viciously get out of debt then how can you give away %10?  Or you have made an effort to build wealth to save for a major purchase then how can you get to your goal quickly if you’re giving away %10?  But I’ve come to realization that where are treasures go, you will find your heart too.  I have justified not giving a tithe for many years in my life for many reasons but found a way to justify why I had to go to the big SEC football game next saturday that took $150 dollars in fuel just to get there and back.  Or I didn’t think twice about opening up a bar tab Saturday night for hours and on Sunday morning refuse to give my tithe.  We can make the argument that it doesn’t make mathematical sense to tithe but we don’t use that same argument towards other things we purchase because those things we purchase is our hearts desire.  Before purchasing whatever “those” things may be, let’s be sure we have set a side a tithe so we can be compliant with managing HIS money.  Don’t be surprised when HE trust/blesses you with more once you have proven to Him you can manage less.  If you are a man or woman of the Christian faith it clearly tells us in Deuteronomy 14:22 to “Set aside a tithe-a tenth of all that your fields produce each year.”

It might not make mathematical sense but it makes sense to the one who created everything, including math.

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