July is coming

June was a hot month.  Not just temperature but Shannon and I closed on a house, put on a new roof and dealing with my mother and sister receiving 4 weeks of treatmant in Orlando for lyme’s disease.  Oh and Shannon’s doctor wants us to go see a specialist in Pensacola in week 18 of her pregnancy.  (Whenever you are advised to see the specialist the anticipation never goes smooth.)  Why am I sharing this?  Because we are going through a rainstorm and when rainstorms come that means the harvest of the seeds you have planted are around the corner.  Your June may have had a death in the family or your June may have been the greatest month of your life.  Regardless if you’re in a rainstorm or it’s a clear sky, we have to wake up daily and be thankful.  Rainstorms will continue to come.  Expect them.  Not only is our character being built during the storms but our character is being revealed.  Before your feet hit the ground in the morning find 5 things to be thankful for.  Start your thoughts for the days in thankfullness before you start rocking and rolling during the day.  Enjoy the storm.  Stay thankful.

July is coming.  Fireworks with Lee Greenwood, cookouts, summer camps and roadtrips.  Enjoy the 30 minutes to an hour talking with your partner about what is going on in July.  The communication brings peace but also being intentional with the additional spending gives you the boundaries that you need.  I know I know, you and your partner may be doing just fine with money and your financial plan has ran smooth for years.  But stop to ask your partner what they want to do in July and for the future.  Dream together.

Get a clear plan.  If you or your kids or grandkids could use a plan click on the link to get started.


By having a plan it helps when you go through the rainstorms.  It also gives you the opportunity to be intentional in your giving, saving and living.


Live intentional,


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