Lets get to it.

There’s no cookie cutter checklist on how to maintain a healthy balance in each of these areas. (Marriage, Business, Faith & Monday.)

But should we strive to grow in each of those areas?  I hope.

I am convicted occasionally of being out of balance in one area more then the other three.  But if we don’t have a boundary or a desire to grow in each area, how will we?

Your will to stay keep up your boundaries is only as strong as your resolve.

At times we will have weeks/months where we have a big project at work and we’ll be allocating more time towards work.  Even when those times come, strive to spend time in the other areas.

If you are enjoying the heck out of your marriage, AWESOME but you’re not spending the amount of time you need to stay in business or meet a sales goal, then you will be jobless.

I challenge you to strive for excellence through being intentional with your time in each area.  Your marriage, business, faith & money.

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