1000’s line up today to purchase the new Sony Playstation 4.  Always respected a brand that can get consumers to set up camp outside retailer’s doors to purchase their product.  I spent countless hours in front of a gaming system, from the age of five (duck hunt, Tecmo Bowl, Contra) until the age of 24,(NCAA Collage Football) with some good folks.  We would fight, yell, cheer, high-five and most importantly, bragging rights were always at stake.  Yes, we took gaming seriously.  (Bless my wife.  We went to Travis‘ house  for a NCAA tournament after our sushi dinner on our first date.)  Thanks babe for sticking with me!

Could I have done better with my time?  You could create a good argument for that.  The issue for me is not whether or not I was wasting my time back then.  The issue is the understanding from this point forward where my time is allocated. Balance and be intentional with your time and make sure each day gets you closer to where you want to be.  If you believe in a God, start your day off with whoever you believe created you.  If you have a spouse, invest in your relationship so you can set the bar high for your kids.  If you have kids, remember they learn through what you do.  Finally, take care of yourself and your finances so this train can keep chugging a long.




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