I’m confident we can all agree times are changing?  And that can be a great thing!

Somewhere on our timeline we have been in a rough situation and you need a few months or few years to dig out of the hole.  Whether it’s to progress financially, physically, relationally or spiritually.  Changing times can be good or bad.

It’s up to you how you want your attitude to be during today’s “changing times” when ALL you see on ESPN lately is a lot of sports icons being investigated for doing bad stuff, while the NFL is modifying their drug policy.

As a huge sports fan and as a huge fan of fellowship, food, friends, family, football and fun (lots of F words), it’s very easy this awesome time of year to sail the ship off course on a Saturday or Sunday or heck Monday night football or even Thursday night games.

If one way your family gets together is over tailgating and football that’s awesome!  Not saying we should never watch football again.  Just use moderation and don’t let it get in your way.

And some of you sports isn’t your area where you could be tempted to allocate a lot of your time.

Your temptations that could possibly distract you from achieving what you sailed out to do could be something fun like reading.  Obviously reading is good.  Just use moderation and don’t let it get in your way.

Steward your time.  While enjoying life.

Prosper over time.

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