Shannon and I knew the time was coming soon where I would be separated from my day job working for a defense contractor and entering into my dream job serving people and businesses to be intentional with their income.  That’s starting off wonderful.  Meeting with businesses that want their employees to be in a better financial situation is awesome.  Meeting with individuals that want to be at peace with their finances is fulfilling.  Serving in that environment gives me more of a rush then Richard Sherman’s post game interview.

But even a better feeling then that.  I have been able to be with my one year old son Neyland two days a week.  The time I have deposited with him is priceless.  I know I will look back and be thankful for these times.  Initially it was hard on my pride since I feel like I need to be away from home 50 hours a week working.  Those days will come again as this business picks up in the coming years.  But for now, I’m thankful where I am at.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Awesome article as usual. Enjoy reading your blog.

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