Stewardship didn’t come from Christians.

Stewardship is really not a Christian word, but an Old English word.  The word is describing a person who didn’t own anything,  but managed the affairs of the lord of the realm.  This manager’s title was “steward.”  He had a nice house, beautiful clothes, and fine food, but it wasn’t really his.  He enjoyed all of the benefits of the lord’s wealth, but he felt no sense of ownership over it.  Similar to those medieval stewards, when we realize we are simply managing someone else’s money, it changes our focus.

Regardless of your faith or if you believe in any God, we are fortunate to have the health and knowledge to create an income.  Just as we are fortunate and blessed to have what we have, steward your income to be able to pass on blessings. (Or the “pay it forward” concept)  Regardless of how you choose to label your giving, enjoy giving and watch how much more you enjoy life.  By giving, you are creating margin in your life.  Similar to gleaning.   

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