Summer: A great opportunity for kids to work. Part 2.

This may have been a summer filled with significant life changing events or summer filled with vacations and family time. Or maybe a little of both. But incase you missed part 1 feel free to read it here

In part 2 I want to encourage the parents, grandparents, guardians, etc. to encourage their kids to finish strong this summer and get closer to any goals they set. Sure it’s summer time and they are getting ready to get back into a heavy school schedule. Heck your son or daughter may be heavily involved with activities this summer. But if it’s just one or two days a week where your son/daughter finds two neighbors that want their yard cut or one day a week go find cars that need to be washed. Or if they are crafty make bracelets and sell them at your local summertime outdoor events. Find something they are interested in and challenge him to leave the house and create an income. It will create conversation and lessons on what to do with the income he gets. Now he can apply that money to giving, saving and living.

Make sure they do a little of each.

Obviously it’s your household and your rules but consider having your child save for a portion of their car purchase. They’ll treat it differently when you buy it for them. Encourage them to save for the activities they will be doing with friends after the football games on Friday nights. Or even the spring break trip coming up in March.

Summer is almost over. Create learning lessons. Create a family that is being intentional with their income.

Big picture: In a world where we are being marketed to through our phones, tablets, ebooks, magazines, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc we must train up a child to relate work with money in hopes to install characteristics of saving up cash to make purchases. Currently our culture’s trend is to buy something we want with money we don’t have. The results are households with to much debt.




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